Westworld 1×07 – Ford knows exactly what he’s doing

“Did you really think I would let you take my dream away from me?”


First things first, Robert Ford (much more terrifying than Hannibal Lecter) knows exactly what’s going around in the park and in those underground laboratories. Every single twist and turn, be it Felix helping Maeve out or Bernard helping Elsie find more clue, Ford is right there just moving things along.

Since there hasn’t been a review for the past two episodes, here’s a quick breakdown for everything that has happened in the show.



Spoilers Ahead




Bernard is a host. All those hours spent analyzing his words and actions, it wasn’t for nothing!

So just like all the other hosts inside Westworld, Bernard has no idea that he’s anything other than human (he has a son and a wife, goddammit), but the revelation wasn’t all that unexpected. It was shocking to see this major fan theory coming to life so early in the show, but it was gratifying as hell.

Also, I legit gasped when Theresa (RIP) handed him the sketches. The “What door” moment was also rather significant – it explained the cottage scene: Ford wasn’t hiding behind a door because there wasn’t one there.

Now, the obvious  question is if Bernard is the only host behind the scenes at Westworld, because using unregistered hosts for oversight and management roles is as clever as you can get.

Perhaps Ashley Stubbs is also one?

Here a few more questions I have answered to the best of my ability.



Question: Is she immortal now? Can’t Felix and the other guy just reduce her intelligence and make her complacent?

Answer: Either one or both of them could be hosts. They might be playing a narrative designed by Ford – or if he’s still alive, Arnold.



Question: Who was Dolores before being a host ?

Answer: She could have been a girl Ford liked. What if Arnold created her to please Ford, just like he re-created a family picnic for him?



Question: Why was she decommissioned?

Answer: She wanted to go some place cold – get it?

(Forgive my bad jokes, I’m really excited rn).



Question: Is she even alive?

Answer: Seeing Theresa’s fate, Elsie’s chances aren’t looking too good – especially since she is not officially missing despite being gone for a substantial amount of time.



Question: Is William in too deep?

Answer: Yes, William is in too deep. His chances of being Man in Black also appear to be growing with each episode.



Question: Back in her room, she told Theresa, “The gods demand a blood sacrifice.” These were the exact words Ford used right before Bernard killed her. How did he find out about it?

Answer: Ford could have heard it through the naked host tied to Charlotte’s bed during the conversation. Or she could simply be another host.

Secret Lab: Is it the same room where Bernard and Dolores are seen talking?







Two Timeline Theory: William told Dolores how he loved reading when he was a kid. He said he always read books and went to sleep dreaming he would wake up in one.

Men in Black told Lawrence something similar near the Red River when he said, “I’ve read every page but the last.”

Theresa was more controlled by Ford than she liked to admit: In the basement she brought her hands to her hips like Bernard taught her to in order to hide fear.

America Would Rather Elect An Alleged Rapist Than A Woman With Decades Of Political Experience

Hillary Clinton is an over-qualified politician who lost the election to a man who picked up politics as a hobby last summer.

Donald Trump Hosts Nevada Caucus Night Watch Party In Las Vegas

Never, ever, tell me that most of the America isn’t ignorant – because it certainly is.

If it weren’t, Americans wouldn’t have elected a man who refers to African Americans as thugs and call Mexicans terrorist as their commander in chief. Donald Trump proposed to ban 1.3 billion people of an entire religion from entering the united states, declared climate change a hoax created by China, didn’t release his tax returns, called women “dogs, pigs and slobs,” suggested women need “some form of punishment” for abortion, mocked a disabled reporter at a rally… the list just goes on.

Is the idea of having a female president so repulsive that Americans would rather have a man who said “grab them by the p***y” in the White House than a former secretary of state who spent over 30 years of her life in government?

Is that how angry, hateful, racist and sexist America is?

Not to mention, the president-elect is facing multiple rape accusations – including a child rape charge. Since when is America the country where sexual assault victims receive a lawsuit and their abuser gets to be the president?

It’s absolutely disgusting.

It’s not just a sad day for the United States, it’s a sad for the entire humanity.



Westworld 1×04 – Where Does The Maze Lead?

Nobody’s sure what’s going on

“That’s very pretty, Dolores. Did we write that for you?”

“In part. I adapted it from a scripted dialogue about love.”

Spoilers Ahead!


First things first, I firmly believe that every being in the park – both the host and the staff – are repeating the same events over and over again.

You could say they are in a loop.

Let’s start with Arnold.

This episode proved he was a real person, instead of Ford‘s imaginary friend as many of us suspected. So, not only did Arnold exist, he also helped Ford (who went from a grandfatherly figure to an evil warlord in the span of four episodes) create a world they could both play God in.


The Man in Black believes Arnold created a world where you can not die – and that’s where the maze supposedly leads. Now, keeping in mind the little girl’s warning:”the maze isn’t meant for you,” one can simply deduce it is actually meant for hosts.

Possibility: Arnold designed a separate world for the hosts once they gain consciousness.

Since hosts cannot die, unless killed, this theory makes perfect sense. Moreover, what if the maze leads to the outside world? What if the final narrative with higher stakes is the actual, real world?

This episode also held more clues for those who believe Bernard to be a host.


Let’s analyse his conversation with Dolores.

She tells him she doesn’t want to forget about her parents because “It’s all I have left of them.” This is exactly what Bernard told his ex-wife in episode 3 while discussing the death of his son . Also, that sarcastic smirk on Ford’s face when he told Theresa to be careful with Bernard, there was something so sinister about – like he was in on a joke that no one else knew.

This episode established that Theresa isn’t a huge fan of the park. Ford must have taken it as a personal insult, so him knowing that she is unknowingly sleeping with a robot he created must be making him all giddy inside.

Coming back to the Man in Black. This episode leads us to believe that MiB is a rich man who runs a foundation that funds some sort of medical research.

“I’m such an admirer of yours. Your foundation literally saved my sister’s life.” That’s what the other guest tells him before MiB ruthlessly threatens to slit his throat (he’s on vacation, godammit).

His real identity might also interplay with the “William is MiB 30 years later” theory.


William, or Billy, is working with his brother-in-law Logan, who lured him to Westworld under the pretense of welcoming him to the family. It’s already established that Logan is a loaded man, this episode further implied that he is also not an evil asshole in the outside world.

It’s not too far-fetching to assume that Logan’s company is the same foundation that would later save that guest’s sister.

(P.S. I briefly entertained Logan being the MiB theory, but I doubt he has that kind of a depth to him). Him picking up an “upgraded” gun might also have some significance.

Now, there is something that could either be a major hole in this theory or validate it even further: Lawrence’s daughter.

Dolores meets her when she is with William, so if MiB actually kidnapped her father in the future, what was the girl doing there alone? Also, it could be a flashback. The girl was carving a maze into the mud and she disappeared when a man approached Dolores – distracting her from whatever she was imagining.

Secondly, MiB said he had never been to that town but William was there this episode, so did he not remember or did the girl travel to a different town?

The various visions Dolores gets after the girl reminded her they came from the same place showed two major things – the church and a grave.

Given how heavily religion weighed in  this episode, it’s possible that church is the entrance to the maze. Whose grave was Dolores digging though? It says her name, but is it hers?


One of the major takeaways from this episode is that Maeve and Dolores are not the only ones to remember.

Maeve has apparently sketched many drawing of the men in hazmat suits, whom the other villagers believe to be some sort of deity. They carve their dolls and probably even pray to them. It means other hosts have been having memories of the staff for a longer period of time.

It firms my belief that the park is indeed in a loop.


Now, this could be part of the narrative Ford created, but comparing the staff members to God reminded me of Wyatt – who thought he was hearing the voice of God.

Going back to the bicameral mind theory,  Arnold wanted the hosts to have consciousness but Ford was worried about the lunatics who would think it was a supernatural experience.

These two things could tie into each other rather beautifully.

Lastly, those OT guys did not remove the bullet from Maeve’s gut and stitched her up. Don’t they get some sort of a signal when she gets injured again.

Irresponsible, I’m telling you.


As The President, Trump’s First Order Of Business Would Be Suing His Accusers

A perfect example of “abuse of power”

Donald Trump, one of the two people in line to become the next U.S. president (unless a meteor falls or some alien force finally intervenes), has his priorities in order. If elected, the foul-mouthed billionaire is going to sue all the women who have accused him of sexual assault.

… And people wonder why abuse survivors don’t come forward to confront their assailants.

So far, there are 11 women who were courageous enough to go public with their stories. These women were groped, molested, kissed without consent, subjected to objectification and lewd remarks. In fact, the latest accuser, an adult film actress, was allegedly offered $10k for sex – because if you can’t force ’em, try to buy them.

Let’s not forget that 1992 video where he casually joked about dating a 10-year-old when she turns 20.

Trump’s sexism and the long list of alleged sexual assaults is not surprising. What surprises me are the people who continue to support him despite all of this. These Trump loyalists aren’t Republicans, they are just people who think they are better than others. They are the people who don’t want women to vote (#RepealThe19th still makes me cringe), these are the people who think all non-whites and non-Christians are terrorists and criminals. These are the people who are completely oblivious to their own bloody history (they built an entire nation on genocide of one race and enslavement of other).

If Trump does become the first orange president of the United States, America would be taking a step back instead of moving forward. His plan to sue his alleged female victims just goes to show his mindset.

Fuck economy. Fuck foreign policy. Sue the women you have (allegedly) wronged.



Nintendo’s new console is coming out March 2017

Nintendo’s next gaming system isn’t a portable machine or a home console—it’s both. The Japanese company has long been teasing its next console, which it had codenamed the NX, but today (Oct. 20), it finally revealed some details about the follow-up to its underwhelming Nintendo Wii U console. The system will be called the Nintendo…

via Nintendo’s new console is coming out March 2017 — Quartz

What We Learned From “Wolverine 3: Logan” Trailer

It may not be much, but it’s something.

So 20th Century Fox just dropped the first official trailer for “Wolverine 3: Logan” and considering how little the fans know about the upcoming movie, this short emotional clip provided a lot to ponder.

First of all, “Logan” looks different than the previous X-Men movies, which might not be a good thing necessarily, but it is certainly interesting.

Secondly, the villain, Donald Pierce, is a cyborg.

Thirdly, mutants are all gone. Where? Who knows.

Thing number four, Logan’s healing abilities are in some sort of remission.

He still has metal claws, thankfully..

Lastly, there is a little girl involved who is probably very important to the story and we know nothing about her. Anyone else getting “Stranger Things” vibes?

*Fingers crossed for this movie to be better than “X-Men: Apocalypse”*


Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D. Dips to Series Lows — TVLine

ABC’s Tuesdays-at-10 curse continues? Agents of SHIELD this Tuesday drew just 2.56 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating, ticking down on both counts to series lows and placing a distant third in the time slot. Opening ABC’s night, The Middle (6 mil/1.5), American Housewife (5.7 mil/1.6) and Fresh Off the Boat (4.1 mil/1.3)…

via Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D. Dips to Series Lows — TVLine

Westworld 1×03 – Are we watching it all unfold backwards?

“Imagine there are two versions of yourself… one that feels these things and one that’s safe. Which would you rather be?”




The gun disappearing from Dolores’ drawer right after she wraps it up and puts it in there was baffling, but it also made me think that we might be watching the events unfold backwards.

Websites, like Mashable for instance, were quick to shoot down “William is the Man in Black 30 years later” theory after the closing scenes from “The Stray.” But I think this episode further validated the theory of two timelines, one set in future and the other in past.

Ford told Bernard that Arnold disappeared 30 years ago, that’s how long MiB has been coming to the park. Also, that’s also the time when something big happened there. What if that thing was hosts gaining consciousness?

Let’s start with Dolores.

A the end of 1×02, she dug up a gun from her backyard after a voice, presumably Arnold’s, told her where to find it. Now keeping in mind there are two timelines, here’s how it could have gone down:

In the past, Dolores stole the gun from Rebus, killed him and escaped without getting shot. She later came across William and Logan in the woods.


In the future, the timeline where Teddy has gone off to find Wyatt, she comes home to see her father dead and her mother being shot. She is then shot, hence the blood on her dress. That’s when the flashback begins,  like a loop, back to the time when she escaped a similar without getting shot.

The bloodstain had disappeared from her dress.

Assuming it’s the same gun, these events are actually playing in the opposite order.

As for Wyatt and Teddy, the former was missing for two weeks and came back claiming he could listen to the voice of God (described as lunatics by Bernard). As for Teddy, his presence in the future could be marred by what he did as a self-aware host in the past.

However, what if Wyatt was one of the hosts Arnold had been toying with (thus his absence), pretty much in the same way Bernard is now holding secret sessions with Dolores?

Also, MiB remarked in a previous episode that it was like he was born here in Westworld, and as we witnessed in 1×03, William did pop his cherry in the good park (good ol’ Logan and his dirty ol’mouth).


I think Ford gave Teddy a storyline based on truth because he believes whatever the hell happened 30 years ago (the hosts becoming sentient, causing havoc, trying to take over?) is happening again.

A possible reason for Men In Black’s infatuation with Dolores: He met her 30 years ago on his first visit, they went through something traumatising together, she gained consciousness (she already became self aware and acted in self interest by killing Rebus) but then something happened and her memory was wiped so William lost it.

Unless we see these two men in a scene together, this is what I’m sticking with.



Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyles About Harry Potter on Fallon

“Oh yeah, I’m going above and beyond / I’m Sirius Black, I got my magic wand /and ah yeah, there is nothing you could do to harm us / Avada Kedavra and yo, Expelliarmus.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a freaking genius, ladies and gentlemen.


P.S: He’s going to kill it on SNL — just you wait!

They better not kill Claire Temple


If the MCU kills Claire Temple to unite the Defenders, because she’s one connection between the four of them, I swear I’ll flip.

My take is, neither Matt Murdock nor Jessica Jones work well with partners, and I doubt Luke Cage would be comfortable working with Jones so soon. So, what’s one thing that may unite them to work together? Claire Temple, of course.

It was Phil Coulson’s death that brought the Avengers together. If the MCU pulls the same shit with the Defenders, it would be devastating.


As for “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” well Temple was, as usual, magnificent. She stood by him and saved his bulletproof ass by recreating an experiment that even a scientist, who had previously done it no less, couldn’t do on his own. She motivated him to do the right thing and then reminded him, time and again, to be who he is. She was much more integral to the story line than her arc in Daredevil S2 or Jessica Jones.

I just hope they don’t kill our girl!

Proper review for “Luke Cage” coming up soon.